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Welcome to my little part of the web! I'm FonnD, computer nerd, CLImer, and Linux user. I hope you enjoy hearing about me because that is all that is on here at the moment. My sincerest apologies.

Yes, I named this site after a (probably incorrect) misnomer of a proto-microwave. What on earth is wrong with that?

Future Plans

Sharing some (perhaps) useful knowledge that I have picked up concerning computers. Namely, how to use Emacs and Org-mode (to build this site), the command line, alright Linux configuration, and also some fun stuff like my favourite command line games.

The About page should hold some enlightenment if parts of that paragraph made little sense to you (no shame whatsoever, learning is fun).

Caveat For Future Plans

You may notice, however, that this goal is in no way finished (or started for that matter); I am currently studying for my A-levels and don't have a huge amount of time to be messing around with this (as much as I would love to). I regrettably ask that you be patient, and perhaps consider following me on Neocities for potential updates.

Consolation On Caveat for Future Plans

In the meantime, have some buttons:

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And finally, The Great Radar Oven's own buttons, the first two generously provided by Z from Z's Planet, the last made by me.

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That's better!


See the TGRO Web Log for more!

Things that are happening:

<2018-03-24 Sat> I have found a funny lesser-known Linux thing that could actually be quite useful.

The script command creates a 'typescript' of the commands used inside the terminal that you can replay at a later time. When replayed, it does not execute the commands, but shows what you did.

To record a session that you can replay, you will also need a timing file. Use the command script --timing=session.time session.script and start typing. Stop your recording with exit or C-d. Read your transcript with cat session.script, replay your script file with scriptreplay session.time session.script.

I think that this might be helpful for showing a new Linux user what to do in their terminal without lengthy explanations. Alternatively someone encountering an error could send one of these files to a developer to show strange behaviour. In any case, I think that script is pretty cool.

If you want to pretend that you can type like a wizard then use the option -m0.1 to set the maximum delay to 0.1 seconds.

Code And Keys

On this site, commands and one-liners look like this:

echo example

Code looks like this:

io_lib:write("this").                           %these
io_lib:write("is").                             %are
io_lib:write("code!").                          %comments

And keyboard shortcuts (mainly Emacs' style) look like this:

C-c-a means C-c C-a (not C-c a); C-c/x means 'C-c or C-x'.


If you have a Neocities account then drop me a line here.

Email me on either:

  • ProtonMail
    • Good, secure, free email. Only complaint: No easy IMAP/POP3 access.
    • but with 2 magical spam-reducing Xs removed.
  • GMail
    • Good, secure, free email.
    • but again, 2 magic spam-bot Xs should go.
    • GMail supports IMAP so that I can read it on my computer and not my phone.

Email me!

  • Suggestions/requests are always welcome.
  • Pointing out mistakes, however small (or big).
    • Misspelling.
      • Dead links.
      • Just plain wrong information.
    • If you have an opinion on a page or something to contribute.
      • I may add your discourse to the page (with your consent).
      • I will accredit you on the page (happy to link to yours).

I make no guarantees about replying, I am notorious for my patchy-at-best punctuality (the 'D' in FonnD standing for Delay).


  • <2018-03-25 Sun>
    • General maintenance: Fixing lists that had become incorrectly indented.
    • Finally added GUI section to the Applications page.
      • Populated with links.
    • Added section to Emacs Tips & Tricks page for easy keyboard macro binding and storing buffer layouts in registers.
  • <2018-03-19 Mon>
  • <2018-02-15 Thu>
    • Added the Using BBCode page after a bout of inspiration.
    • Altered pre.src CSS slightly for better readability of 'normal' text.
  • <2018-02-11 Sun>
    • Added many links to the Applications page. Still need to add GUI apps.
    • Need to find out why the Applications screenshot doesn't display in-browser.
  • <2018-02-06 Tue>
    • Added the Applications page. I still need to add the GUI apps, a couple more TUI apps, and add all the links. Ugh.
  • <2018-02-05 Mon>
    • Added my web button. Thanks again to Z from Z's Planet.
  • <2018-02-03 Sat>
    • Included code from Strata's Place for the squares puzzle. Thanks again to Jonas.
  • <2018-02-02 Fri>
    • Added a page for the squares puzzle.
    • Added CSS for pre.src (source code blocks).
  • <2018-02-01 Thu>
  • <2018-01-31 Wed>
    • Added the Blog.
      • Moved old parts of the News to the aforementioned Blog to stop it being massive.
  • <2018-01-28 Sun>
    • Updated the News with some News. Wow. Astonishing.
  • <2018-01-21 Sun>
    • Added the 'News' section to the index page. Or as I like to call it 'Excuses'.
  • <2018-01-19 Fri>
    • Added Emacs Tips and Tricks section.
      • Subsection for changing alt-gr to alt on Linux.
      • Subsection for better Emacs movement that everybody should be using.
    • CSS Tweaks.
      • Rules for <code> and <kbd> tags.
      • Minor changes to menu displays.
      • Fixed 'Pages' menu displays after minor changes gave the Pages section a massive margin. I hope it works.
  • <2018-01-17 Wed>
    • Altered CSS so that side menus use floats rather than absolute positioning. They now change position dynamically depending on their length.
    • Made a Change-log section. I will probably have to end up moving this to a different file as it gets larger.